An Advanced Energy Company
Defined and Guided by Our Values.

Our commitment to Safety is paramount to the health and success of all employees. Nothing less will do.
We realize the importance of extra effort and persistence in order to be excellent at what we do. At SOLO, we will go the extra mile to do our jobs better than anyone else.
We never forget it.
With transparent communication between teams across our company, and with our clients will help us move forward to grow unequivocally.
EnvironmentalLY CONSCIOUS
We’re all responsible for our future.
We work collaboratively and wear many hats to provide the best results for our customers and our company. “We’ve got each other’s back.”

Dedicated Energy Industry Professionals
United by Purpose and Vision.


It’s often said if you truly love what you do, it’s not really work. We believe it and we’re living it. Our team of professionals begin every day excited about the opportunity to make a difference in our clients’ future. We believe in what we do and in each other, a difference you’ll see in every employee committed to raising the bar. It’s always been how we do business and that won’t ever change.

Leadership Team

David Lax
David is responsible for the company's process implementation, technologies and examining each project to ensure they meet SOLO standards. He does everything with an emphasis on 100% client satisfaction through the solution's life cycle. David is focused on building a company with an impeccable culture, excellent ethics, and a desire to see each employee succeed. This is what sets him apart from other leaders.
Leveraging years of project management, and electrical installation, Charles directs field operations, serving as ad hoc senior project manager. In this role, he monitors progress and ensures site safety, compliance and customer satisfaction. Upon completion, he returns to the site to confirm installation meets specifications and code, and provides invaluable and essential oversight.

Team Spotlight

Gteni Mbeou
Energy Engineer
Ratmir Huday
Project Coordinator
Zhufeng Liu
Staff Accountant
Kavi Miller
Lighting Auditor