SOLO began as a small team of energy consultants and sub-contractors for major energy companies. This was an ideal environment to learn what worked, what didn’t & what would be needed in the future. We identified the advantage of creating a totally in-house workforce, proprietary process, and custom technology; a company of professionals, all dedicated to creating a smarter, and more sustainable future.

Energy Challenges are Complicated,
Solutions Don’t Have to Be.

Designing a sustainable energy future.

Overcoming today’s energy challenges requires operational savings now with a long-term commitment to a responsible, sustainable future. SOLO is a team of seasoned energy industry pros dedicated to overcoming all barriers by leveraging new technologies, utilizing proven methodologies, and providing a transparent synergy of people, of process and products.

The SOLO advantage is end-to-end enterprise

From technology, project design, engineering, implementation, to on-site deployment, management of game-changing design & installation, every day, and for every client & project, we strive to deliver a better living or working environment. Our process features commitment to reduce both operational costs and on-site maintenance burdens.

Smart and optimized operational efficiEnces

Over the years, we’ve built a network of trusted providers and partners, enabling us to take full advantage of bulk procurement savings opportunities. By optimizing operations and integrating a culture of integrity, quality and preventive maintenance, SOLO is known by its enviable track record of project success that provides customers a secure energy future.

Client satisfaction by exceeding expectations

Service going farther draws upon years of experience, prioritizing what clients need, never what we’re promoting or selling. This gives us a real advantage. From managing a client’s energy portfolio, servicing anything from lighting & controls, HVAC, to demand response, emergency backup & complex curtailment systems, including renewables opportunities, we handle it all.

SOLO Doesn't take shortcuts and never will

Our team is hand-picked, work isn’t farmed-out to mark-up and fatten the bottom line, and  we insure our efforts against the unforeseen. By doing it right every step of the way, SOLO proudly completes projects faster, as our efficiency is boosted by vast approval expertise helping to successfully navigate rebates to further control costs & accelerate savings.

We proudly partner in our customers Success

After a project is completed, we don’t wish you luck and disappear out the door. We test, train, educate & monitor to ensure our solutions perform as designed and our clients are prepared to get the most benefits from them with minimized requirements. Satisfaction isn’t marketing speak. It’s how SOLO does business. Help is a phone call or email away.