11 Essential Benefits of LED Lighting

The days of flickering, hot light bulbs that take minutes to reach their full brightness are over!

Across the country, people are trading in their traditional incandescent bulbs for LED light bulbs. These LED bulbs use different technology to generate a light that is cleaner, brighter, and more efficient than the old bulbs.

There are many benefits of LED lighting. Let's take a look at some of them!

1. Much More Efficient

One major expense we have every month is the energy bill. Traditional light bulbs drive that bill up because they are much less efficient than LEDs. They waste a lot of power in the heat they put off.

An LED, on the other hand, wastes little energy and, therefore, uses less power. An energy audit can show you where you can streamline your lighting to save yourself money.

2. Last Longer

Saving money with LED lights is easy because they last so much longer than the older style bulbs. In fact, they last up to 25 times longer.

This is possible because of the design of LEDs. They are what is called a solid-state bulb, so there are no moving parts. Without those moving parts, there is much less risk of something breaking and making the bulb useless.

LED light bulbs also don't create heat, so they don't burn out their parts as quickly.

3. Many Customizable Options

The way that LEDs are designed allows them to be much more customizable in the color and brightness of a light source.

These light bulbs use very tiny light sources to make up the overall spectrum. In order to make white light, they combine red, blue, and green lights mixed together. Many of the bulbs have the option to separate these and have the singular color available.

This kind of customization can make for a fun feature in your space.

4. Increased Safety

Not only is LED light energy more efficient, it's also a much safer option.

In a traditional light bulb, 90% of the energy is expelled as heat energy (instead of light). That means they would be hot to the touch and have the ability to burn your fingers. But LED lights don't put off this heat and can be easily touched.

LED light bulbs also don't require the thin, glass outer covering. They are much less breakable for increased safety.

5. Environmentally Conscious

Because a traditional bulb uses mercury, when they burn out (which they do fairly quickly) they have to be disposed of properly. If not, they will cause negative side effects for the Earth.

On the other side, an LED bulb doesn't use this technology and won't cause that same harm to the Earth.

This is a benefit to you in that you don't have to do anything special for disposal and you don't have to worry about the environment.

6. Ability to Withstand Exposure

While there are many obvious advantages of LED lighting, an often overlooked one is that they will work well in any environment.

As we've talked about, incandescent bulbs require a lot of heat energy to produce their light. If the bulb is located in a colder place, it won't be able to get that heat up high enough.

LED lights are great for these places that may be colder, like the outdoors, because they don't require that same high temperature.

7. Immediate Light Source

This heat requirement in traditional bulbs can also cause a delay between when you flip the switch to when you actually see the light.

That is definitely not the case for LED lighting options. The design allows for instantaneous light as soon as you flip the power on. There isn't a warming up period, which is very beneficial in a lot of settings.

8. Capable of Sensitive Displays

The lack of heat emission both in the power source and the light itself makes LED a great choice for more sensitive areas.

Museums and art galleries most often use LED bulbs over their art pieces because there is no chance of issues from heat exposure, which would be so detrimental to the art pieces.

Many people also prefer LED bulbs in their kitchens, especially for under-cabinet lighting, because it won't affect any plastic on the counters.

9. Creates a Whole System

Since LED lights can be so customizable in the color, brightness, size, and direction of the light, the customer can create just the right environment.

A team of lighting professionals can work with you to create a lighting system that meets your needs but is also energy-efficient. A variety of lights together can make a space feel personalized.

10. Lower Costs

LED lights are generally a little more expensive than their traditional counterparts upfront. But over their lifetime they make up that difference time and time again.

It's easy to see how saving money with LED lights is possible because they use so much less energy to produce light. With that overall lower energy consumption comes a much lower energy bill.

There is also much less turn-over in light bulbs as LED lights last so much longer. So replacing them happens much less frequently.

11. Better Light

While all of the other benefits of LED lights are great and can make a big difference for your home or business, LED lights are the right choice because they just produce better light.

They simply offer a superior product than their opponents. The light itself is much cleaner when coming from an LED source. It has the capability to better show true colors and for much longer distances.

There are many reasons to use LED lights, but the main one is that it's simply a better light source.

Benefits of LED Lighting in Your Space

It's easy to see the benefits of LED lighting when compared to the other available options.

Making the change to LED light energy can make a big impact on the overall comfort of the space. Not to mention the efficiency that will be gained. It's a worthwhile investment to make the switch to LED.

If you're interested in getting more information, including a specific plan for your lighting needs, contact us today!

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