7 Tips on Using LED Office Lighting for Small Businesses

If you're looking into the possibility of switching your small business over to using LED office lighting than you're in the right place. According to TalkBusiness, switching your small business to LED lights can save you between 20% and 50% in energy costs.

This article is going to go over 7 tips for using LED lights for your small business - let's check it out.

1. Benefits of Using LED Lights

The first thing we are going to discuss with LED lighting is the many benefits. Let's take a look at them.

  • LED lights are super-efficient. They use much less electricity than any other type of light bulbs. This is going to help you save on energy costs
  • They also last much longer than your regular bulbs. They typically can last around 10 to 20 times longer
  • Some come with options and extra features. You can change colors, styles, dimness, and even set them up to be controlled on a mobile app.
  • They put out less heat than other bulbs. This is going to allow your office to stay cooler in the hotter months
  • LED bulbs also reduce CO2 emissions in your office

These are just a few of the many benefits of switching over to using LED lights. Now let's check out the different types.

2. Different Types of Lighting

When it comes to LED lights, there are quite a few different options to consider. Think about your office setting and try to picture what would be best for your business.


These are the standard bulbs that you can find just about anywhere. They are very similar to regular bulbs but are much more efficient. These are good for any typical office or building.


These are typically found in office settings and are very similar to the fluorescent tube bulbs. They have a tubular shape and tend to be longer. These are great for a big office setting.


These are completely flat and are also very common in bigger offices. Much like tube LED lights, they are perfect for larger office spaces.


Certain LED lights come with different color options. They usually come equipped with a remote that allows you to change the color and dimness of the bulbs. These can be used in any typical office.


They also have smart bulbs, these allow you to connect to devices such as your smart phone. Much like the colored LED, this gives you the ability to change color, dimness, and other features. These are one of the best choices in LED since they are the most advanced and offer the most features.

3. Size of Your Office

When looking at what type of lighting to use, you should first look at the size of your office. This is going to help you determine not only the type of lighting you're going to need but exactly how much you'll need.

If you have a massive office with tall ceilings it might be best to go with a panel LED or a tube LED. If you have a smaller office that doesn't need a ton of light than consider going with smart or basic LEDs.

Either way, check with your energy company and they should be able to guide you through the best options for your small business.

4. Cost of Lighting Your Office

Switching your small business over to using LED lighting is a great way to save money. Not only will you see your energy costs go down but you can also save from not having to replace your bulbs as often.

You can use the U.S. Department of Energy calculator to get an estimate on how much costs savings your business can have by switching over.

5. Use Incentives

Speaking of the cost, switching over to LED lighting can also have incentives or rebates. Contact your local energy company and find out if they are offering any for small businesses.

6. Safer Lighting

Parking lots and exterior lighting along alleyways are typically not very bright or can create a bad glare/shadows. Consider installing an LED in any setting that has bad lighting. LED lights produce a much greater illumination and this can help keep your employees and patrons safe.

7. Energy Companies

The last thing to keep in mind is the company you choose to work with. When you're looking to upgrade your small business over to using LED lighting, you want to make sure you work with the right energy company.

Here are a couple of things a good reputable company should offer -

  • Offers complete customer satisfaction
  • A company that has the experience and uses trained professionals
  • Service that puts you're needs first
  • Cares about the environment and products they are using. A company that is able to inform you about the best products and explain to you why they would be best for you're a small business
  • Has a five-star rating and passed clients that recommend them

When you choose a company to improve your small business, these are the signs of a good energy company to work with.

LED Office Lighting

Now that you have a good idea about LED lighting, its time to start switching over. LED office lighting is going to save you money and keep your small business eco-friendly.

If you have questions about LED lighting or ready to make the switch over, head over to our contact page and send us a message!

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